How to protect against the current COVID-19 variant – XBB.15?

Posted On  :   02nd Feb 2023  -  Reading Time  :   5 minutes

Since the dawn of COVID-19 in 2020, the world has experienced massive shifts in financial, physical, and mental well-being. People started to realize the worth of family, health, mental peace and valued them above everything else. Although lockdowns and travel restrictions disrupted our daily lives, they also brought us together. We always found a way […]

Parents’ Top Questions About COVID-19

Parents’ Top Questions About COVID-19

Posted On  :   11th May 2021  -  Reading Time  :   6 minutes

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us, emergency approval of the first COVID-19 vaccines has provided much-needed hope. Though this is welcome news, we can expect many more months of the pandemic life to continue. As consequences of the coronavirus continue to impact families and children – physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally – it’s […]


How to help children and teens cope with coronavirus anxiety

Posted On  :   10th May 2021  -  Reading Time  :   5 minutes

Most parents are really concerned with keeping their families safe from Covid-19 and preventing its spread. But there is another aspect of this crisis that you should not ignore — its effect on your family’s mental health, especially during this lockdown scenario. Constant news reports of the covid situation around our country, the scary reality […]