As the days and weeks now turn into more than a month of lockdown and restrictions, you may be running out of ideas to keep your children busy during the long days at home. You are not alone.

But don’t worry! We have plenty of suggestions you might want to try to put the excitement back into their days. Try these out:

  • The Egg drop challenge

My favorite and this is a great activity to do with your child! Build a well-insulated container to hold a hard-boiled egg. Then, you can drop it from different heights to see if it will crack and record the results.

  • Dinner theme night

Have your child come up with ideas for a dinner theme night every week. Work with your child to select new recipes for dinner and prepare them together. Kids love baking. Have your child select a treat for each week and then bake it together. Then, everyone shows up at the table dressed to the theme- a favorite cartoon character, favorite movie star, favorite signer – the list goes on. Have fun!

  • Boredom Jar:

 Brainstorm different activities with your child and write them on strips of paper and roll them up. Keep them in a jar, and have your child choose one when they say, “I’m bored. What can I do?” The activities can include games, super singer, dance contests, Lego challenges, puzzles, reading time, and don’t forget those household chores Just make sure it’s understood that your child must do the item they select with no complaints!

  • Get the grandparents involved:

 Strong relationships help kids build resilience so they can bounce back from tough times. And these days, there are endless options to tap into virtual grandparenting to give yourself a bit of a break. Your child can play games like Ludo online with grandparents, play card games over video chat, or read books together by phone or video chat.

  • Scavenger hunt hikes:

 Have your child make a list of items they would like to look for in a garden hunt. Hide them and then cross them off during the adventure.

  • Quarantine time capsule:

 Have your child locate items around the house that are unique to this social distancing time and add them to a Jar. Then in 1, 3, 5, or 10 years, you can open it together and reminisce.

  • Obstacle courses:

 Have your child use items around the house or garden to create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Challenge them to build a different challenge once a week!

  • Daily LEGO/building block challenge:

 Just search this online and you’ll have endless fun at your fingertips. Your child can use their creativity to make a different project each day. There are lots to choose from, so when one challenge ends, another can begin!

  • Sticker art/collage:

 Have your child put those stickers / old magazines to good use. Have them pick a favorite shape and use stickers/ pieces of paper torn from magazines to make it.

  • Get them gardening:

Brainstorm ideas with your child for the perfect kitchen garden or balcony/indoor garden. Then, order supplies online, and have your child plant and maintain the area.

There are plenty of other outdoor and indoor activities to consider – including reading challenges, painting, puzzles, planning a daily exercise routine, riding bikes, playing with bubbles, and helping out with household daily activities. Whatever activity you choose, just be sure to have fun!

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